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Public meeting about traffic concerns for the Broadway Corridor held

The City of Bangor held a public informational meeting for the Broadway Corridor Study on December 11.

Stakeholders listened to presentations that detailed many of the transit and safety data that has been collected along Broadway from Center Street to Grandview Avenue. 25,000 vehicles past through Broadway every day at the intersections of Falvey and Alden Streets. The whole corridor is considered to be a high crash location.

After the briefing groups formulated their ideas and concerns with the aid of aerial maps and shared their work together in an effort to jumpstart the study and keep residents engaged. Traffic light timing, better & safer left turn options, pedestrian and bike safety, better access points, and green vs. non-pervious surface areas were brought up. Another public meeting will be scheduled next year to see a draft of the recommendation.

It’s great so many concerned citizens turned up and are engaged in improving Bangor’s quality of life. Thanks to all who participated.

C & L Aerospace CEO says Bangor is the place to be

Great article in this month’s Chamber News by Sarah Smiley on the job creating growth of C & L Aerospace and the leadership of CEO Chris Kilgour. Chris specifically cited Pine Tree Development Zones and a partnership with the City of Bangor as reasons for the growth and why he, “chose Bangor as to the place” to grow his business.

C & L now employs 120 people.