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Bangor city councilors likely to extend charter school moratorium as talks with state delayed

By Nick McCrea, of the Bangor Daily News, Dec. 04, 2013

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The Bangor City Council likely will extend its temporary ban on charter schools into next summer in order to hash out a disagreement with the state about how new competition for students would affect the public school system and Bangor taxpayers.

City Councilor Joe Baldacci, who proposed the initial moratorium that went into effect in June, proposed adding an additional 180 days to the ban during a meeting of the city’s Government Operations Committee on Monday night. The original moratorium expires on Dec. 18. Continue reading →

Bangor City revised school budget -2013

During Monday’s meeting, Councilor Joe Baldacci said the city should be concerned that the retirement cost shift to the city likely will be permanent, but he said he’s concerned the funding to cover it in its first year will not be extended into future years. That would mean the city would need to find a way to fund it or the school district would have to find places to slash.

Go here for the full article :By Nick McCrea, BDN Oct. 07, 2013