What Bangor with public/private non-profit providers is doing to fight substance abuse and save lives

What Bangor as a community-in partnership with the Community Health Leadership Board, which involves a number of public and private non-profit providers, is doing to fight substance abuse and to literally save lives.  Please keep in mind that, we have only just got started and have a long road to go but we have started:

  1. Reestablish the Penobscot County Adult Drug treatment Court with up to 30 slots available at any one time for treatment.
  2. Advocated and introduced legislation to fund a social detox center in this area.
  3. Legislation passed and collaborative program with wellspring in place.
  4. Launched Primary Care Buprenorphine Treatment: developed treatment protocols in primary care and at the hospitals.
  5. Raised $17,000 to distribute 500 doses of free Narcan to save people from overdosing.
  6. Developed and implemented Community Wide prescribing protocols for Narcotic medications.
  7. Reviewed practice standards of locally medically assisted treatment providers for opiod use disorder.
  8. Supported and the City through its PD and Public Health director are setting up a local Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion ( LEAD ) program to give nonviolent offenders treatment before jail; Peer recovery Coach program, creating the position of Bangor PD Substance Use case manager to be a ride along and deal with offenders in real time if you will and try to promote treatment alternatives and refer for treatment; and PCHC’s upcoming integrated opioid use disorder family medicine clinic to help provide induction and stabilization of patients w/ the goal of reducing wait times for getting started with treatment.
  9. Legislation advocacy for programs and funding for our region of Maine.
  10. Developed a model for sober housing for individuals in need. Submitting grant request to support this work in September 2017.

Source : Patty Hamilton Bangor’s Public Health Director. The City Council is regularly briefed on these issues because we are acutely aware of this crisis in our community. And all of the actions outlined above were approved, funded or participated in with the help and support of the City of Bangor

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