Bangor City Councilor, Joe Baldacci withdraws from Maine’s Second Congressional District race

From Maine Insights.

Bangor City Councilor, Joe Baldacci has decided to withdraw from Maine’s Second Congressional District race, making the Democratic nominee, Emily Cain.

This is his statement:

When I first contemplated running, about a year ago, I spoke with a regional director of the party down in D.C. The very first question he asked me wasn’t about my commitment, credentials, ties to the district etc; the first question he asked me was “Are you married to a Billionaire?”

This was my first indication that this fight might be an uphill one.

I continued the fight for the Second Congressional district because I have an abiding commitment to serving the people who live here; our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens. I genuinely bristled at the idea that our Representative in Congress is going to be dictated to us by the Washington, D.C establishment of either party.

I have been particularly honored by just having the opportunity to run for Congress. My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting with so many of you throughout the entire district and have found great political support for better representation in Congress.

But the reality is, I’m not married to a billionaire. I am a small business owner. I have 7 people in my employ who count on me for their livelihood. I have a wife and two daughters, whose futures I’m not prepared to mortgage in order to compete with the unlimited amount of out of state money; which is what would be required in this race.

Over the last 7 months, this campaign has made significant strides considering we literally started from scratch and we are now, according to polls, in contention for the Democratic nomination.

I have built friendships and relationships all across the District that I hope to continue to work with in future political endeavors.

But it is clear that the most important thing we can do now is to come together as Democrats, not divide resources, and build a united front against an incumbent who needs to be replaced with a person who will genuinely represent Maine’s values in Congress.

I am very glad I got in.

I am very proud of the message we delivered to party committees: that it was time for Democrats to start running as Democrats and to stand up for our seniors, our veterans and our kids.

I am particularly proud of winning a yearlong effort to pass a minimum wage increase for working families. That was a genuinely hard won victory. And I look forward to supporting passage of a statewide minimum wage increase.

I pledge to Emily Cain, who will be the Democratic nominee, my full support in our united effort to elect a Democratic Representative for the Second District.

Joe Baldacci

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