Baldacci hosts Bangor Town Hall on minimum wage

Minimum wage
MAINE JOECity Councilor Joe Baldacci has proposed a municipal ordinance to increase Bangor’s minimum wage. In order to widen the discussion the Councilor is hosting a town hall to hear from people and for speakers to present their viewpoints on increasing the minimum wage. It will be held at the Abraham Lincoln School, 45 Forest Avenue in Bangor, Maine, Thursday April 9, 2015. The program runs from 5:30 -7p.m.

“I am calling attention to the minimum wage because it is about basic economic fairness. Over a service of 4 terms on the Bangor City Council, including a term as Mayor, I have strongly and actively supported tens of millions – if not hundreds million dollars’ of new commercial development and jobs throughout this great City that have benefited Bangor and throughout our whole region of Eastern and Northern Maine.

“Having a real and substantial conversation about raising the minimum wage is a part of a necessary discussion we need to have about raising people’s incomes in general,” said Councilor Joe Baldacci.

Donato Tramuto, global healthcare activist, Maine businessman, philanthropist, and 2015 Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope laureate, will speak at the forum. Donato will tie in health care and the economics of low wages as basic middle class economic issues that we all as a state and as a country need to address.

Jim Wellehan, of Auburn, and owner of Lamey Wellehan Shoes has also graciously agreed to speak at the Minimum Wage Town Hall. As a businesses owner, he will point to the advantages of increasing the minimum wage.

Todd Gabe, University of Maine Economics Professor will speak about his research concerning the minimum wage and its impact on the economy.

A question and answer session will follow the presentations.

Food and refreshments from both Franks Bakery and Gosselin’s Bakery will be available. Visit the Town Hall Facebook page: HERE

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  1. Joe, count on me to spread the word to friends, neighbors and on my social media about the Town Hall!

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