We can move Bangor forward with key economic development


As a city councilor my priorities will remain the same: to protect basic services-police, fire, schools, public health and public works. At the same time we need to cut costs that have the least impact on vital services. We have no illusions that either Augusta or Washington, D.C. will be of help, and the solutions and sacrifices needed will all have to be made here. If that turns out to be true we will meet these challenges with strength, intelligence and optimism.

I want to put on the table:
1. Review leases involving city departments to cut costs
2. Having a youth internship program for Bangor-Orono area college students to work in different city departments during the summer or for college credit
3. A community amphitheater
4. A city grant writer to aggressively pursue public and private grant opportunities
5. Supporting a state bond issue that includes capital projects in Maine’s service center communities.

In addition, I intend to work with groups to have a regional food distribution center in Bangor area that will purchase Maine grown food and refrigerate, store, distribute food statewide and with people who want to explore bringing a performing arts high-school program to Bangor that could attract and educate students from all parts of Maine. That may be an ambitious agenda but its only a partial list of the projects we need to work on over the next few years.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow our creative economy and move Bangor forward – Joe

This Wednesday meeting for the business and economic development is open to the public, please come:

Wednesday’s Agenda for Business and Economic development- the meetings are at 5:15 pm on the 3rd Floor of City Hall and are open to the public as well as televised:
Tuesday, November 18, 2014 5:15 PM
City Council Chambers
1. REFERRAL – ORDINANCE 15-005, Amending Chapter 291, Vehicles and Traffic, of the Code of the City of Bangor, By Amending Limited Time Parking to Include Ninety Minutes Parking (see attached Memo, Council Action and Council Ordinance 15-005)

2. Brownfields Consultant RFP (see attached Memo)
3. Gas Line Easement (see attached Memo)
4. Lease Agreement with KidsPeace National Centers (see attached Memo)
5. Sale of Land Parcel to Habitat for Humanity – 120 Third Street (see attached Memo)
6. Proposed Changes to Downtown Parking Advisory Committee (see attached Memo)
7. Can-Am Police-Fire Games (see attached Memo)
8. Sidewalk License Agreements for Outdoor Seating (see attached Memo)
9. BanAir Parcels (see attached Memo and Exhibit)
10. Executive Session – Economic Development – Property Acquisition – 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(C) (Confidential Memo provided separately)
11. Committee Action on Above Item
12. Executive Session – Economic Development – Property Disposition – 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(C) (Confidential Memo provided separately)
13. Committee Action on Above Item
Here is the link for more information thanks http://www.bangormaine.gov/cont…/1538/1751/1765/default.aspx

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