Local Lawyer and City Councilor receives Public Service Award

Attorney Joe Baldacci, at the Hannibal Hamlin statue in Bangor. Photo by Jeff Kirlin

Attorney Joe Baldacci, at the Hannibal Hamlin statue in Bangor. Photo by Jeff Kirlin

By Ramona du Houx,
Posted Oct. 29, 2014, at 4:06 p.m. at the Bangor Daily News

Joe Baldacci of Bangor a local lawyer and City Councilor received the Katahdin Counsel Recognition Award on October 24th at the Penobscot Judicial Center, in Bangor.

“Your pro bono services are vital to Mainers accessing our justice system, and your dedication is truly appreciated,” wrote Cindy Brochu, Judicial Administration, the Assistant to Hon. Andrew M. Mead, in a letter notifying Bangor City Councilor Joe Baldacci that he would receive the award.

The Hon. Warren M. Silver of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court hosted the recognition ceremony. Attorney Joseph Baldacci was one of 18 layers from Penobscot, Hancock and washington Counties that were honored on Friday.

“I am honored by this recognition and I believe it is every lawyer’s civic duty to give back to others in our community,” said Joe.

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court’s Katahdin Counsel Recognition Program was created by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, in response to a proposal by the Justice Action Group, to focus the public’s attention on the critical role that pro bono work plays in maintaining a vibrant civil justice system.

According to the Maine Judicial Branch, with the continuing state economic downturn, there has been a greater unmet need for legal services for Maine’s low-income residents.

“Maine’s low-income residents need help to meet their growing unmet legal needs,” said Attorney Baldacci.

As Justice Warren Silver noted on Friday, ” Maine lawyers are among the most generous in the nation in donating their time to pro bono representation for people who cannot afford an attorney and by donating money to support legal aid.”

“We anticipate that the identification of an attorney as receiving the Katahdin Counsel designation will bring better recognition and public attention to the good work of Maine lawyers,” said Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley in her 2011 announcement of the Katahdin Counsel Recognition Program.

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