A letter in the BDN for Joe

This letter appeared in the BDN for Joe.

Vote Baldacci

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Baldacci for two years on the Bangor City Council. I am writing in support of Baldacci’s re-election to the city council on Nov. 4.

He is a hardworking, pragmatic, caring, effective leader fighting for Bangor and Bangor taxpayers on a whole range of issues that our city and state have had to face. He led the initiative in 2012 for the city to go from a 27-year repaving program (meaning only once every 27 years would a street be repaved) to a 13-year repaving program as part of a three year, $6 million infrastructure initiative.

Baldacci was born and raised in Bangor and he is raising his family here. Baldacci will continue to be an effective voice for Bangor and for our interests as a community.

Sue Hawes


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