City council votes not to pay for Waterfront Concerts maintenance

An excerpt from the article: Bangor no longer responsible for grounds maintenance at Waterfront Concerts venue, in the BDN :By Nick McCrea, June 26, 2014

BANGOR, Maine — City officials have handed over to Waterfront Concerts responsibility and costs associated with ground maintenance of the music venue along the Penobscot River, which is an amendment to the five-year agreement between the two parties.

Bangor city councilors approved several amendments to the deal during a meeting Monday night.

Under previous terms of the agreement, the city took in $1.25 from the sale of each concert ticket, but 25 cents went toward a fund used to cover ground and turf maintenance costs.

With this change, the city will no longer need to spend that quarter on maintenance. Instead, the full $1.25 will go to the city. Waterfront Concerts pays extra for police and fire personnel coverage during events on top of its rent.

Rather than using city crews, Waterfront Concerts will hire a local contractor to perform grounds maintenance, according to concert promoter Alex Gray.

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