Thank you Americorps Collaborative and Food and Medicine for all your work

Great meeting this morning with regional Americorps Collaborative organized by Mary-Anne Saxl and held at Food AND Medicine in Brewer.

I really enjoyed meeting with Asim Mishra, who is the Chief of Staff of the National Corporation for Community Service.

The members of Americorps, Food and Medicine and Mary-Anne do a tremendous job for our community. Thank you all.

Food AND Medicine is a non-profit organization located in Brewer. The organization’s name comes from the belief that nobody should have to choose between paying for food, paying for medicine and paying for other basic necessities. The focus on: worker rights, access to local food, and laid-off worker issues.

The Bangor Americorps Collaborative works to address critical basic needs while simultaneously working to increase employment opportunities through job/skill training and education. Program efforts, following the evidence-based approach of Bridges Out of Poverty, move economically-disadvantaged individuals out of poverty through supportive resources, training and assurance from a collaborative of community partner organizations.

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