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By Dawn Gagnon, in Bangor Daily full article HERE.
Gov. Paul LePage’s plans to build a secure psychiatric facility in Bangor hit a road block on Monday night when the Bangor City Council voted to postpone the project for six months.

The city’s move is in response to LePage’ s plan to build a 21-bed “step-down” forensic psychiatric facility on Hogan Road, which would house patients who have court permission to leave the facility on occasion.

The moratorium, which takes effect immediately, gives the city a six-month delay for the project during which it would study the facility’s potential effects and develop standards for it — such as security measures, buffers and its distance from streets and other properties. It could also rezone the parcel on which the psychiatric facility would be built.

Councilors have been frustrated by what they call a lack of communication from the LePage administration about its plans. Several councilors also criticized the proposed location, since it abuts an apartment complex and is near several single-family homes.

“Many people saw the need for this facility and think that these people will need a place to be treated, but question if that’s the right location,” Councilor Dan Tremble said. “I just think we need time to put the right standards in place because it’s going to be located in Bangor.”